Growing up outside of Houston, Tay was surrounded by variety of music from country to hip hop to some hardcore metal. He had been playing drums for years in local bands but wasn’t until after high school that he learned to play guitar and writing his own music. Transplanted from Sugarland to SoCal when he was 21, Tay began performing and recording on his own by any means necessary. 3 years later he signed with Keep Your Soul Records, an independent label in LA. Since then Tay has built a fan base online as well as touring. His music is authentic and relaxed, but also energetic and fun - infused with lyrics telling where the heart has been and where it hopes to go. Both hip-hop and country, acoustic and pop, Tay's sound matches the grounded and playful nature that he lives. He continues to tour and release new music gaining more and more attention from all over the world.


Tay Watts


  • Signed with KYS Records
  • Indonesia for Daman Magazine showcase
  • Spotify verified over 1 mil streams 
  • Ready To Go EP release


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