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Ray Easter is a Los Angeles based stand up comedian. Starting his career in Washington DC, his blatant observations on pop culture and his personal life, his comedy has let him perform all over world. Ray has shared the stage with Tony Woods, Adam Ray, Avery Pearson, Josh Adam Meyers, Deon Cole, Ian Bagg, Sam Jay, and Taylor Tomlinson. Easter has recently performed at the Bird City Comedy Festival, Glendale Comedy Festival, 360 Comedy Festival, and the NW Black Comedy Festival. In early 2017, he has done his first international performances at the TakeOut Comedy Club in Hong Kong, China and for the Elephant Nature Park Benefit in Chiangmai, Thailand. Ray has featured in several sketches on Funny Or Die, and his stand up videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Ray Easter


  • Opened for Helen Hong, Kelly Terrenova, and Kevin Downey Jr.

  • Glendale Comedy Festival (Glendale, CA), 360 Comedy Festival (NYC), NW Black Comedy Festival (Portland, OR), and Bird City Comedy Festival (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Performed on showcases with Tony Woods, Deon Cole, Ian Bagg, Sam Jay, and Taylor Tomlinson

  • Performed in Hong Kong at TakeOut Comedy Club

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