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Jonny Loquasto is one of your good buddies who just happens to be a Comedian. His extremely relatable, witty & goofy punchlines stem from growing up in a lovely town called Northampton, Pennsylvania. After promptly getting cut from his high school basketball team every single year, Jonny went on to attend the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, somehow MADE the team & played Division II College Basketball. By "played" that basically means he sat on the end of the bench, talked trash, and would occasionally get in the game once the team was winning or losing by 25 points. Nonetheless, Jonny achieved a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy but was convinced that he was still a funny fat kid and was determined to make a career entertaining others. 

Since then, JL has become a regular at clubs and colleges across the country, along with having the honor of performing for our troops overseas multiple times with Armed Forces Entertainment. He's performed nationally on Comics Unleashed, Gotham Comedy Live, and Standup & Deliver. He’s a play by play commentator for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on The CW, plus he hosted AXS Live, a daily live national show on AXS TV. But some of his biggest passions (aside from Healthcare of course) are Professional Wrestling, Superheros, the Paranormal, and charity work, any of which he is thrilled to discuss at length.

If you visit, you'll can check out his new album that landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard Comedy Charts. At every school, he has a post-show Q & A, where students can ask any questions that might spring to mind. If you're looking for a comic who can relate to the struggle of college life and who sincerely wants every student to have a fantastic time, then Jonny Loquasto is your guy!

Jonny Loquasto


  • Has performed on national television multiple times
  • Play by Play Commentator for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on The CW
  • Has hosted shows for FOX Sports, CBS Sports, AXS TV, Nerdist, GSN, and Whistle Sports
  • Has entertained our troops overseas in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Africa, Djbouti, and the United Arab Emirates
  • A very active member of Regular Hero, a foundation that focuses on helping the families of children fighting cancer and other illnesses

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