Bubble Ball Soccer has became a full fledged sport in Europe and is now growing rapidly in popularity in the US. Having played soccer for 30 years now, I can say that I've never had as much fun playing as I did in that first 10 minutes of Bubble Ball Soccer. Talk about leveling the playing field. This is the only sport where ANYONE can take a tumble...and have fun doing so! 

You supply the players, playing area, and a power supply to blow up the balloons... we supply the rest. We supply soccer balls, goals, bubble balls, a trained instructor/referee, and insurance. We will even set up a camera and film some of the event for you to remember it by.  It can even be edited down per request.




Bubble Ball Soccer

  • 3v3 to 6v6 for as many hours in a day as we can keep them hydrated!
  • You supply the players and the field, we supply everything else!
  • Instructor will film some games so that you can remember it for a lifetime!

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