Houla Entertainment Fall Showcasing Artists Announced for APCA Conferences

We are thrilled to have another impressive list of talented showcasing artists at the APCA Fall Conferences. We will be in Houston, Texas at APCA South Central; Teaneck, New Jersey at APCA Northeast; and Chicago, Illinois at APCA Midwest showcasing many award-winning artists including Comedians, Spoken Word, Magic, Hypnotist, Step Dancing, Caricature Artist, and Music. Featuring APCA 2018 Cultural Act of the Year - Soul Steps, 2018 Hypnotist of the Year - Incredible Boris, and 2018 Female Solo Artist of Year and Entertainer of the Year - Kristen Merlin and many other very talented artists.

Make sure you stop by the booth at APCA Northeast, Jesse Smothers will be drawing your caricature at the in-booth showcase.

Check out www.houlaentertainment.com to watch videos of each of our showcasing acts and other talented acts.

Posted on October 8, 2018 .