Weekly Artist Spotlight - Magician Lee Terbosic

From performing for the likes of The Pittsburgh Steelers, Wiz Khalifa, and Aaron Paul, to appearing on Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Lee Terbosic has wowed audiences across the country with his blend of magic and comedy. He has an already impressive corporate client list of Comcast, American Eagle, US Steel, and many more. Lee has appeared on A&E and TLC and has currently started a new web series, "Anything Is Possible." Lee has built himself to rapidly grow in the college market as well, not just because of his amazing one hour show, but because he also will roam the campus earlier in the day providing a sleight of hand "teaser" to promote the show. With a childhood hobby turned thriving career, Lee's dedication to his art has set the ground work for many successful decades to come. Watch for his complete web series on Houla's page this week, along with many other great videos. 

Posted on July 21, 2014 .