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When an act comes to the public eye through a TV talent show, releases an EP shortly after the series finishes and then disappears for over a year, it doesn’t usually bode well for the future. But when the artist returns with guest slots on some of 2017’s hottest tracks, it’s safe to say that the individual’s own comeback will be equally worthwhile.

Of course, it’s Will Champlin, former The Voice contestant and previous collaborator in Polarcodes‘ latest single. Now the pop artist is back with Indigo, a powerful groove-laden pop track that oozes passion and confidence. Champlin’s naturally sensual vocals prove playful bedfellows with seductive guitar riffs, infectious drums and a perfect chorus melody.

Feeling a little bit like Ed Sheeran meets Imagine Dragons, the track strikes a good balance between being a mainstream radio pop mainstay and something that offers a sense of individuality for Champlin. It’s a well worn view that TV music talent shows favour forgettable, dime-a-dozen artists, so it’s warming to see that Champlin is already showing he has more to offer.

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Check out the full video below.

Eh440 Showcasing at NACA Northern Plains

Powerhouse A Cappella group, Eh440, will be showcasing Friday, March 31 at 4:30 pm (approximately) at NACA Northern Plains Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Eh440, the incredible Toronto-based vocal group has been stunning audiences worldwide since they first hit the stage a few years ago.

With just a beatboxer, bass vocalist, and 3 very different lead singers, this means that they are technically an 'a cappella' group but most people think of them as something very different.

"You forget that there aren't any instruments because they really do sound like a full band!" said one fan.  "They sound hip and current.  It’s a 'must-hear' sound.  And I love that they write their own songs because it makes me feel so connected to them and their lives."

Following the release of their award-winning 2014 debut album, Turn Me Up, Eh440 wanted to step things up to a new level.  A level they hadn't yet achieved – the Boss Level !

Boss Level is a phrase that stems from gaming culture and is now starting to creep into the mainstream.  In a video game, the final level to win the game (where you encounter & battle the biggest & strongest character - the boss) is called the Boss Level.  But now, any ultimate level of achievement where you take on your most formidable foe is the boss level.

When they started preparing for their next album, the band claims that the songs felt very 'top level' so when they wrote Boss Level, naturally that was going to be the title track.

Boss Level's 2016 release has generated some exciting fan reviews too.  Some are saying they can't stop playing it on repeat.  Others are saying that a particular song has inspired them in some way.  So, this latest release is clearly a step in a new direction for Eh440 and they are getting exactly what the album title says 'boss level feedback about a boss level album' and they couldn't be more excited!

Stop by booth 110 and meet the group and talk to Matt about the other variety and music acts you can bring to your campus!



Posted on March 29, 2017 .

Tristan McIntosh to perform at A Night of Generosity

Tristan McIntosh will be performing at A Night of Generosity, a non-profit organization named Generosity.org.  Generosity.org funds water projects in developing nations in response to the global water crisis. This is their tenth year in operation and have funded almost 800 wells in 20 different countries. 

March 22nd, ever year is World Water Day.  Organizations all over the world celebrate and make others aware of the statistic that 663 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. 

Tristan will be performing at their special event and fundraiser on March 21st at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.  General Admission tickets are $50 with cocktail attire starting at 7:30 pm.


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Matthew Schuler opening for DNCE and Flo Rida

So excited to announce that Matthew Schuler will be opening for DNCE and Flo Rida on April 20th at the Liacouras Center (Temple University). Tickets are on sale March 21 to the general public. We are excited to see all our friends there in the audience!

Posted on March 20, 2017 .


Houla Entertainment was just honored to be awarded the First Annual 2017 Bill Fry National Agency of the Year Award at the APCA National Conference in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, March 11, 2017. 

Also, Houla artist Polaroid Summer was awarded the 2017 Band of the Year at the conference. 

Lee and Matt were both honored by the awards and Lee accepted the award, thanking all the student programmers and advisers for booking all of the amazing artists on the Houla's roster. She also thanked the Houla artists, the Houla family and APCA for believing in Houla.

"We have such amazing Houla artists; they always give 110% and love to perform for and meet all the students and staff at the schools. We love working with them all as they're considered part of our Houla family. The relationships Houla has with so many of the schools was just reinforced through our receiving this award, and we are just overwhelmed that they selected Houla as the winner!" Lee said after the award ceremony.

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Spotlight Artist ~ Jesse Labelle

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Showcasing Spotlight Artist ~ Jesse Labelle

Jesse Labelle is a Canadian born country/pop/rock singer-songwriter. In June 2008, Labelle signed to Canadian label Wax Records and began working on his debut album, Perfect Accident, which would be released April 27, 2010. His second album, Two, was released August 7, 2013. He is best known for his singles "Easier", "Heartbreak Coverup", and "One Last Night". In 2013, citing creative differences between himself and the record label, Jesse was released form his recording contract with Wax Records and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he teamed up with Public Artz Artist Development (Tim Hicks, Three Days Grace). In the summer of 2014 Jesse was chosen to open for Keith Urban on the "Raise 'Em Up Tour", notably at the Calgary Stampede. Audiences have embraced Jesse and his unique brand of Country/Pop/Rock Music. 

Jesse will be showcasing at APCA Hershey on Saturday, March 18 at the Lunch showcase.

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Spotlight Artist ~ The Middle Ground

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Showcasing Spotlight Artist ~ The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground are an alt-rock group based out of Nashville, TN. Their music delivers catchy hooks that are bound to get trapped in your head, touching on the groups’ varied musical interests while staying rooted in pop sensibility.

he layered melodic guitars and writing style push the band to straddle the line between acts like Young the Giant, Kings of Leon, and OneRepublic.  The Middle Ground formed in late 2013, in Milwaukee, WI and consists of members, Joe Neary (vocals/keys/guitar), Chris Halbauer (drums), Jordan Burmeister (bass), and Zach Gruznski (guitar).  The band has been working on the release of their second studio album, Start Again, which will be out Dec. 2016.

he Middle Ground recently relocated to Nashville, and they've been taking the city by storm. Within months of the move they were finalists in the Music City Big Break, winning over the judges and audience alike. They've also been finalists in the Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest, not to mention the numerous past awards/recognition they received back in their hometown of Milwaukee, WI, which included a Radio Milwaukee Music Award nomination and being named the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) 2014 New Artist of the Year. No matter where The Middle Ground goes, there’s a new fan to follow.

The Middle Ground is showcasing at APCA Hershey on Friday, March 17 at the Lunch showcase.

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Spotlight Artist ~ Chad Zumock

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Showcasing Spotlight Artist ~ Chad Zumock

Chad Zumock is a proud 2.4 GPA General Studies graduate out of Kent State University, the same University that produced famous comedians such as Arsenio Hall, Steve Harvey, and Drew Carey. He captivates audiences with his high energy humor, brutal honesty about his life, and quick slacker wit. His likability is what connects him with all kinds of people and makes him a strong draw for all over the country, especially with college kids. 

His stand-up comedy has led him to appearances on the Bob & Tom Show, Opie & Jimmy Show, Spike TV, Cinemax, E!, numerous low-budget commercials, and even a writing spot on the 2006 Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner. In 2012 he released his Top 20 iTunes ranked comedy album "Adventures in Argyle" which also can be heard on Sirius XM Raw Dog and Pandora Radio.

Chad is showcasing at APCA Hershey on Friday, March 17 at 9:00 pm.

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Spotlight Artist ~ Nick Barilla

Houla Entertainment APCA Hershey Showcasing Spotlight Artist ~ Nick Barilla

 Blending a soulful sound with bright pop-piano stylings, Nick Barilla brings an inspiring and uplifting experience to every stage he performs on. His passion shines through his outgoing personality, and his genuine likeability connects with audiences of all ages. Barilla sings about love, life, and heartbreak, often stemming from personal experiences, and aims to stay true to himself. Uniquely marketable and relatable, Nick Barilla seeks to influence the future of live music one song at a time

Nick is showcasing at APCA Hershey on Friday, March 17 at 9:00 pm.

Nick Barilla was the consummate professional. He arrived early, talked with students and staff, and gave an incredible performance. We were touched by his warmth, energy, but most of all by the fact that he stayed to hear other performers. Our monthly coffee house features an open mic portion, and he listened to each young performer and then applauded them publically when it was his turn to sing. It meant the world to our university and community! We will definitely have him back!
— Kate Aguilar - Indiana University - Kokomo
Nick is a hardworking, talented, skilled, and down to earth performer. His passion for music shines through in his lyrics and voice. Nick took the time to captivate the audience. Nick allowed a student to come on stage and sing with him. This has inspired her to continue to follow her passion for music.
— De’Anna Hopkinson - Mohawk Valley Community College
“Nick was a fantastic performer, that really tried to connect with the students. He put on a fun and interactive set, that had everyone wanting more.”
— Alisha Fregoe - SUNY Cobleskill