With his bold vocals and rugged allure, there's certain chemistry when a great vocalist collides with southern country songs. The impact is undeniable. Travis Rice's confident baritone voice and winning stage presence have earned the adoration of country music fans for several years and he is now ready to show the industry what he's made of.

 The best country music is collected by real-life experience even from a very young age. Growing up in a tiny community of Westel, Tennessee (right outside of Crossville, TN), young Rice was always intrigued by music. "I would write lyrics and poems and listen to music long before I learned to play an instrument," says Rice. "When I got to high school, I would sing constantly, and the fact that I   had a 30-minute drive to and from school every day, I got in an hour of practice." With influences ranging from his father's rock love of Bruce Springsteen, Bad Company and AC/DC to his mother's pop collection of Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion as well as her country classics, he connected with country music on a deeper level. "I was truly inspired by Randy Travis, Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks."

 As the youngest of the family, Rice grew up with 2 brothers and one sister (Julie being the oldest, followed by Josh and Jonathan). "We grew up in an amazing home and we really learned the  meaningof love andsupportingone another.  My familymembersaretrulymy closest friends."

 Rice's talents began to soar as high school approached. The pages of his yearbook are peppered with photos of his love for athletics and music. Despite these early yearnings, he was not always set on a music career. Rice was an avid basketball player practicing free throws and nailing his jump shot every day after school. That is, until hissenior year when he had the realization that the sport wasn't exactly calling his name. When he was fifteen, he considered learning drums or guitar because, "those were the two the girls liked," grins Rice. "Considering I built a homemade drum kit in our basement with 5 gallon buckets, paint cans and hub caps, mom quickly tried to persuade me towards the guitar. Luckily, she succeeded."

His surreal feeling as a performer came when he was a sophomore at Roane State Community College,  performingat a benefit concert at his college theater. A friend of his, Jamie,  puttogethera benefittoraisemoneyfortheir buddy Cody, who was diagnosedwith brain cancer at just 19 years old. "At that time, Jamie and I had been playing and writing together for a few months when he asked if I would sing. Nervous as I was, I said yes and when the time came to step out on stage and perform my acoustic set, I remember thinking this is the scariest most exhilarating feeling I've ever felt. Once I stepped out and strummed my first chord, the nerves went away and I experienced a feeling of joy and an all around 'badassness' that I had never felt."

After graduating from Roane State and moving on to Middle Tennessee State University for his bachelor's in business, music had taken its hold on him. He balanced school work with playing shows, writing and networking. "Music fit well into my college years, from bonfires in a small town to spring breaks in Panama City Beach with thousands of people, having a guitar in hand always made me feel at home."

When Rice isn't attached to his six string or on the road performing, this country hunk is truly a thrill seeker and a risk taker. "Spare time that's not spent at the lake usually consists of riding in the mountains with my brothers. You give us a boat or a jeep and some great tunes and we can entertain ourselves for days!"

With a brand new album set to be released summer 2016, this Tennessee native has come a long way from the small town bars to the bright lights of Music City. Rice is earning his stripes sharing the stage with the likes of Colt Ford, Craig Morgan, Rhett Atkins, Little Texas, Con Hunley, and others. He thrives for the moments when he connects with his fans. "The second a stranger in the crowd is completely lost in the moment with me onstage, I know the real power that musichas.

Music has always been my journal. If you want to know who I am, just listen to my music. It's a snapshot of what was happening in my life during that time." With real emotion behind his songs, Rice is destined to remind fans and performers why we all love and connect with country music. When all is said and done, he lives by his motto: "It's better to regret the things you did than the things you never had the nerve to try."

Travis Rice

Country Singer/Songwriter

  • Country Singer Songerwriter

“This rural Tennessee country performer is an industrial-strength hunk… as a songwriter, he shows promise. [He earns] The DisCovery Award.”
— Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow
“Travis Rice delights on his new single Women, Water and Beer. He showcases a tremendous amount of potential to become the next big male star in country music. His music is fun and autobiographical. It earns 4.5 out of 5 stars.”
— Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal
“There is a new sound coming through your country radio, and his name is Travis Rice and we know you’re going to love him… Even though he has a distinguished sound of his own, Travis has a way of reminding us of the sound of James Otto, with a twist of the grit of Travis Tritt…[Women, Water and Beer] has a catchy tune that will soon have you singing along with him, and one of those songs that can easily get stuck in your head… We couldn’t be more excited for the new album and to get more music from this great new artist.”

— Digital Rodeo
Travis Rice’s new single has all the elements of a backyard summertime jam...His voice is smooth, easy to listen to and has a little bit of gravel similar to Trace Adkins….the song starts off strong, but you can’t help but be hooked after hearing the chorus. The song is very catchy and we’re looking forward to what else Rice will be dishing out this summer on his new EP.
— The Country Note
“Over the past three years, I had the pleasure of having Travis Rice perform on several of the festivals that I produced as well as on TV/Radio programs. While his incredible songwriting and voice motivates those in attendance, his down-to-earth personality resonates with his audience. Travis Rice is an astonishing songwriter and performer on his way to be a mainstay in country music.”
— Bill Anderson Jr., Landmark Communications Group, Thunder Road Festival
“Travis is a great guy and I think his music is very inspirational to our listeners. He has the voice that people are looking for…Women, Water and Beer is awesome and our listeners are really diggin’ it!”
— Zack Neely, Promotions Director, WMYL-FM in Knoxville, TN
“Travis Rice’s music, personality and style have an easy charm. His talent is natural and effortless and his music instantly puts you in a good mood. This guy is going
— Laura Rogers, Mid-Day Live Anchor, WBKO-TV

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