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Mix ambient synths, live instruments and electronic beats into a pot with luxurious vocals and neo-prog influences. Take a whiff. That’s TOWNeS. Their elusive sound lures listeners into a world where inward emotions and life experiences meet a vivid and unlimited imagination. Taking influences from Banks, Billie Eilish, Sia, Rozes, Broods and Lorde, the American electro-pop duo is set to release their first full-length project in 2018. They plan to tour internationally in the coming months in support of the upcoming album. You can find their current catalog, an EP trilogy, synonymously titled First, Second, Third, on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.



  •  Has performed in the Central Ohio area at venues such as Big Room Bar, King Avenue 5, and The Shrunken Head
  • Self-released their debut EP Trilogy called First, Second, Third
  • Has garnered an international following via outlets such as Instagram and Soundcloud
  • Have been written up in Impose Magazine, Music Matters, Mixtape Couture, and Tuned Up
  • Have composed music for independent short films

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“The vocals fade in and out in a way that is very much reminiscent of the genre yet bringing something fresh to the table – especially lyrically.”
— Ryan Getz, Tuned Up
“ ‘DANCe’ is an illustration of the footwork that represents the journey, while ‘SAVe Me’ seeks a savior amid the engulfing thread of perdition, while ‘Without You’ provides a melancholic finish that showcases the duo’s range.”
— Impose Magazine
“…the choruses are big with melodies and rhythms dancing around each other creating a chorus worthy of many pop acts out there.”
— Lottie, Mixtape Couture