Internationally acclaimed Rock band, the VON, chose their name to challenge the listener to think outside of the box, to stand above common labels, and to believe anything is possible with determination and dedication.

Individually: The Singer/Bassist, Luis Bonilla, is a Venezuelan native and has won the “Best of Latin Music” award and appeared on multiple Hispanic television networks before relocating the U.S.; The Guitarist, Marek Schneider, is a Czechoslovakian native, that had great success under Reflex Records, a division of EMI, with his electronic and Indi-rock bands; and the Drummer, Elisa Seda, a Berklee graduate from the United States, has earned her chops through touring with DMC, of RUN DMC, Just Kait (MTV) and is the Drummer for Telemundo’s Late Night show “Don Fransisco Te Invita”.

The band can be heard on more than 200 college and independent radio stations, more than 10 Major Television Networks (including: E!, MTV, FOX and ESPN), and is a 2017 feature for the “South By Southwest” music festival.

Producing new music and continuously evolving, growing and sharing with the world their unique view and sound, this trio strives to join in the vibration of earth and bring their listeners closer to where they come from, and more importantly where they are going.


Rock Band

  • SXSW showcases in 2016 and 2017
  • International band, all three members are from 3 different countries including the USA
  • Licensed music recordings to 12 different TV networks including Fox, E!, MTV among others for reality TV shows
  • In 2017, Recorded and released the single Sacred Water to support the global water conservation efforts of a non-profit organizations such as the Sacred Water Tribe and The Nature Conservancy
  • Named one South Florida's Must See Local Bands of 2015 by Palm Beach New Times
  • Debut Album Ei8ht released in 2015
  • 3nity EP released in 2016 
  • International Tour 2016 including Europe and South America 

..The Von are clearly ready for much bigger stages in far flung locales.”
— Joshua Stryde, Valhalla Music Blog (Oct , 2016)
3nity is one of the year’s best releases in any form.
— William Elgin III, Indie Mindy Music Blog (Oct 2016)
The Von have produced an intense and powerful debut with their brand new LP, Ei8ht.
— uknightedblog (Nov 20, 2015)

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