Sparky B, commonly referred to as “the wackiest white boy on the planet” has been in the game for over 20 years! He has come a long way from the days of his homemade DJ console. He is now the man and the force behind one of the “largest mobile DJ shows in America.” Sparky B performs nationwide at hundreds of events every year and has performed with well over one hundred national acts.

Funky, crazy, wacky, silly, outrageous and out of control; Sparky B has been compared to Carrot Top, Dane Cook, and The Beastie Boys, all wrapped up into one. At 6’6” (without heels…) and 230 pounds, this tall crazy white boy has taken the phrase “stage show” to a whole new level. Being rated as one of the most outrageous DJ shows in the United States, Sparky B is constantly inventing new ways to hype up a crowd.

Whether you’re experiencing “Sparky B”, “The East Coast Party Rockers”, or his new creation, “The Black Eyed Peace” you will have the time of your life. You will not leave one of his shows, without being covered in glow necklaces, feather boas, confetti, streamers, and silly string. Don’t be surprised when you’re thrown candy or even cold hard cash! Not only are all the giveaways a bonus, but the sound, lighting, laser show, fog, and special effects are second to none. And don’t forget the best mix of party music you’ve ever shaken your booty to….yes, we just said booty!!!

Sparky B has been seen on MTV and VH1; you have heard his voice and his live mixes on over a dozen radio stations over the past 25 years. You have seen him in high schools, colleges, at bar and mat-mitzvahs, and performing at various celebrity events. He has raised millions of dollars performing for charities.

Sparky B & The East Coast Party Rockers


  • Multiple packages available, including famous special guests such as Cupid, Vanilla Ice, and many more
  • Has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe
  • Has appeared on MTV and VH1

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The wackiest white boy on the planet!
— Rhianna
Sparky B can rock & roll with the best of them!
— Bret Michaels
One of the best! These guys can really hype a crowd!
— Naughty By Nature
One of the most energetic & crazy stage shows I have seen!
— Vanilla Ice
How do you keep that much energy going on stage for 2 hours!?
— Cupid
C’mon ‘yall & ride on a Sparky B voyage!
— Coolio