Saints of Marfa is a band that plays a hybrid of modern electronic music/rock/ hip hop hailing from Houston, Texas., was formed in 2016, and quickly hit the ground running. After suffering an autoimmune disease which temporarily crippled and cut his time at work, founding member DC began writing music on his laptop as a therapeutic outlet while he recovered. After one of the song's was picked up and heavily played on a local station, the band was brought together. Due to entertaining live shows and a strong work ethic, the band quickly grabbed press write ups and high profile spots playing for the Super Bowl committee, invitations to SxSW, playing with AWOLnation, Coldwar Kids, Jeremih, etc.


Saints of Marfa

Hybrid of Modern Electronic Music/Rock/Hip-Hop

  • Auditioned, competed, and won against 300 acts/bands to play Houston Super Bowl Live event.

  • #1 most requested song on The Texas Buzz 3 weeks in a row

  • Performed at SxSW ‘17, Frontier Fiesta ‘18 w/ Jeremih, Whateverfest w/AWOLnation/Cold War Kids and MRFest San Marcos

Show Dates

“Complex and satisfying”
— Houston Press
“The live show is a trip”
— David Garrick Head Music Editor of HP
“East Texas hits a homer with this unorthodox
— Yab Yum
“Musically engaging without losing any of it’s darker pop sensibilities”
— Wolf in a Suit
“A big sound a la MSMR”
— buffaBLOG