Originally from Massachusetts, 21-year-old Nicco Sypriano grew up in upstate New York, about 20 minutes from the Canadian border. Raised with his siblings by his mother, he grew up always singing around the house. He learned by ear how to play the piano at age 7, taking on such challenging (laugh) songs as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to more complicated songs such as Beethoven’s Fur Elise and others. Nicco went on to taking trumpet in school when he was in 5th grade and spent hours a day singing and making music. His musical role model, Justin Bieber, really began shaping Nicco’s sound of music as he got older, yet his stage fright limited his performances during his early grade school days until graduation. In 7th and 9th grades, he participated in the school’s talent shows and began to get comfortable on stage and in the spotlight. That led to his auditioning for “Americas Got Talent” in 2011 and “The Voice” in 2015 and, although he didn’t make the cut, his motivated for improving and  continues to work hard on his craft.

Nicco attended a local community college and graduated in 2014. His music career began to take off after his auditions for “The Voice”.  He’s since had several major accomplishments in 2016, including: Graduating from Jefferson Community College with his best friend; Copyrighted his first single “Day Dream” (available on ITunes and other formats for purchase); Overcoming his early stage fright by performing at local venues; Signed with Houla Entertainment; AND, he got accepted at a private school in Nashville TN for music business; Quite a year for Nicco, as 2017 brings an even bigger change to his life. He came out with his first music video for his solo “Day Dream” and currently attends Trevecca Nazarene University. When asked “What are the main things that helped you stay on track?” Nicco responds with “God giving me favor and watching over me through it all, my best friend who I wouldn’t have made it through college with good grades without her pushing me and being there to support me, and my family for understanding my love for music”. To give an even broader perspective of who Nicco Sypriano really is, is that he dedicating his whole life to his “gift”, and with that gift he plans to make even bigger moves in the years to come.



Nicco Sypriano

Pop Singer/Songwriter

  • First music video made January 2017
  • Music on ITunes, Amazon, “I Heart Radio” ex in 2015
  • First copyrighted song with government in 2015

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