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Native 312 Events is a production company focused on providing unique and immersive experiences that highlight the arts and culture of Chicago. Now they are ready to bring their unique twist on team building to rest of the country. Experience something like no other; an artist guided, hands-on program that invites you to explore the world of Urban Art. Are you ready to paint outside of the lines? Grab a can and let's do this!

Native 312 Events

Urban Art Experience

  • Unleash your Wild Style on our interactive Graffiti Wall!

  • Learn techniques from our resident Artist who will help guide you through the experience

  • Choose a detachable mini-canvas to take home with you at the end of the experience

  • A mobile interactive experience led by established artists & knowledgeable Native 312 staff

  • Graffiti wall with VOC free spray paint

  • Fume Free & Safe for indoors

  • Protective & safety materials including tarps, latex free gloves, masks, etc.

Show Dates