LuluBeatz has a noteworthy and international dance/pop sound elevating from her powerful and full-range vocals. Her original beats are the foundation for the music that she fully writes, produces, and performs live. She has earned her place in the hearts of devoted fans who flock to see her live & follow her social media to express their admiration. Debuting her first single at the age of 14 she caught the attention of 2016 Latin Grammy producer and two-time platinum winner, Rob Kliener. Raised in the 2nd most visited city Portland, Oregon. Her latest YouTube video captured over 17,000 views in less than 24 hours. Her original song, " I Just Might Like It", was selected as the theme song for the reality TV show, "Gown and Out in Beverly Hills". This July, she will be in New York with dozens of renowned managers at the IMTA 2017 talent awards.



  • Headliner for the LGBTQ  World Cup Championship for the NetRippers hosted by Scandals PDX
  • A loyal artist to the PRIDE PDX Taking Pride On Stark event with Scandals for 2 solid years
  • Performed a small concert series in Oregon and Washington area. (10 Venues)

Show Dates


“Whats the difference between JLo, Madonna, and LuluBeatz?...Nothing.”
— David From Scandals PDX PRIDE
“She just keeps getting better, and better, and better, every time she steps onto that stage...its amazing.”
— Kohl Haliver
“Lulu can do it all. Can’t wait to see where she will be in a year.”
— Rob Kliner
“I love that Lulu can do it all; sing, write songs, produce, act, model, dance, and perform. She is an up and coming multi talented Mega Star, and I’m glad to be along for the ride!”
— Patrik Simpson
“Watch out world.. here comes Lulu, SHES A SUPERSTAR!”
— Pol Atteu