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Most well known for her poem on anxiety entitled "Friends with Benefits," Jae Nichelle is a young poet and spoken word artist currently residing in Atlanta. She has been told that her poetry persona comes off as a mix of eccentric and mysterious, but in real life she is your lovable, awkward Black girl who is thinking about where her next sweet potato will come from. Jae started writing because her notebook was the only thing that would listen to her, and she continues to write to validate everyone who has ever felt the same. A recent graduate of Tulane University, she was a member of the 2017 Team Slam New Orleans and the captain and founder of Tulane University’s Slam Poetry team: Rhyme Verses Rhythm which placed seventh at the 2018 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. She placed fourth at the 2017 Texas Grand Slam poetry slam, from which her work received national recognition, and first at the 2017 Women on the Bayou slam. Her written poetry has been featured in Vinyl, Blue Agave Literary Magazine, Freezeray Poetry, The Tulane Review, and Solstice Literary Magazine.

In her spare time, Jae also writes articles about linguistic and mental health issues that plague the Black community, and has had her work shared by Blavity, AFROPUNK, and Black Youth Project 100.

Jae began performing spoken word at Little Rock Central High School, an experience that enabled her to be one of the winners of the Youth Speaks’ 2014 contest entitled Raise Up and perform at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center at just 17 years old. Jae gets her inspiration from everyone who told her that writing is “just a hobby” and she writes her best poems when she is supposed to be studying for her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology.

Jae Nichelle

Spoken Word/Poetry

  • Most watched video on Write About Now (2017)

  • 1st place Women on the Bayou Slam (2017)

  • 4th place Texas Grand Slam poetry Slam (2017)

  • Member of Team Slam New Orleans (2017)

  • Member of Rhyme Verses Rhythm poetry slam team (2015-2018)

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“[Jae Nichelle’s] poems made me an instant fan. They made me excited to write, excited to read, excited to follow Nichelle’s work for the rest of my days.”
— Danez Smith