Good In The Dark is the musical pairing of multi-instrumentalist Heather Perry and guitarist Grant Goldsworthy - two accomplished songwriters whose shared love of pop, rock, and harmonies brought them together in 2016. After graduating from Columbia College, Perry spent ten years in Chicago writing, recording, and performing - opening for the likes of Walk the   Moon and touring to the SXSW Festival in Austin along the way. Goldsworthy, a Pennsylvania native, was at the helm of his own numerous projects - playing clubs and festivals across the US opening for Muse, Awolnation, and more.

Their paths finally crossed when Perry relocated to the Mid Atlantic to head the piano department at a prominent music school and Goldsworthy signed up for a few lessons. A musical connection developed quickly, and their destiny as best friends and bandmates was sealed. Good In The Dark’s debut EP Rafters emerged to rave reviews from the indie scene across the US and UK, with praise for its “magnificent production” (Indie Music Home) and comparisons to bands like Bloc Party (Mix It All Up) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Mystic Sons).

Their original style, described as energetic electro-pop/dance-rock, comes through in the curated covers they choose to make their own; with just a piano and electric guitar, the duo   can take on pop giants like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Lorde or edgier artists like Daft Punk and Talking Heads with equal aplomb. Their set of pop and rock favorites features big harmonies, inventive arrangements, and undeniable chemistry. Whether you’re listening from a crowded dance floor or a cozy coffee-shop seat, Good In The Dark’s versatility and sense of fun are sure to win you over.


Good In The Dark


  • Unique arrangements featuring piano, electric guitar, and big harmonies

  • Repertoire of pop & rock favorites including 90s classics through the latest chart hits

  • Extensive tour experience across the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, and Northeast

  • 12+ years experience as full-time musicians performing at rock clubs, music festivals, and corporate/private events

Show Dates

“Arty and conceptual… intensity and eye for the little things in the music and visuals… much to admire”
— mp3hugger
“Cool sense of energy and attitude”

— Various Small Flames