Gallons of paint, mountains of foam, mixed with the hottest DJs and performers... Meet GlowPaintRave!  Starting in 2012, GlowPaintRave has performed paint and foam parties for tens of thousands high school and college students.  

Starting with precise planning, this event brings a high-energy, interactive paint party to your upcoming event.  DJs, MCs, and our very own "splash crew" spray water-soluble event paint on the crowd for a colorful and memorable campus event.  High-powered foam cannons shooting foam 60 feet in the air can also be added for a multi-sensory experience.  

These events have been produced in facilities ranging from open warehouses, multi-use facilities, gymnasiums and more and come complete with a plan to experience - yet contain - the paint and foam.  Different methods of containment are used to create a memorable experience, yet minimize lasting impact on facilities.

It's not a concert you simply watch, it's an experience from start to finish and the latest crazy for college entertainment. 

Glow Paint Rave

DJ Paint Party

  • High-energy, paint & foam concert experience
  • Multiple packages (including paint & foam) available
  • Experienced team to deliver - yet contain the paint in your venue
  • Has produced countless events for tens of thousands of students since 2012
  • Includes venue assessment to provide best experience, yet minimize lasting impact on facilities
  • Can be performed indoors or outdoors!

Show Dates


“One of the most high-energy events for high-school and college students I have ever seen come to our fairgrounds. Truly a professional and class act!”

— Bob S., Director of Rentals, Cuyahoga Co. Fairgrounds
“GlowPaintRave is incredible! What an amazing idea and we are happy to have them return again and again. They transform our buildings for one night and make them look so much better than they actually do! The best part is, it all disappears at the end as if no one was there.”

— Joanne S., Director of Entertainment, Cuyahoga Co. Fairgrounds

— Cassie H., (guest!) Baldwin Wallace University