Dom the Bom's Triple Threat features America's newest eleven-year-old triplet entertainers who have been seen by 20+ million viewers!! Television appearances include America's Got Talent, The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, The Hallmark Channel, and others!  This trio of entertainers perform card throwing and stage magic together.

This trio includes Dominic, aka 'Dom the Bom', Phoenix and Lyric Evans. Born in Cleveland, Ohio but currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. All three have vast and varied hobbies but love to perform together. Dominic has been card throwing and performing magic since he was 7 years old. He loves football, soccer and a dream of his is to perform with David Copperfield. Phoenix, named after the mythical bird, has a fiery personality. He loves performing with his siblings, playing baseball and Minecraft. Lyric, as her name suggests loves to sing, perform with her siblings and loves animals. 

All three are very different in many ways, yet the same when it comes to going after their dreams: fearless. They believe in helping others, inspiring kids and making a difference in the world.

Dom the Bom's Triple Threat

Card Thrower/Magician

  • Television appearances include America's Got Talent, The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, The Hallmark Channel, and others
  • Season 9 quarter finalists on America's Got Talent (finished 27th in Top 48) Were 1 of 8 acts that were sent directly to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall *Howie Mandel came to our house to surprise us with this news*
  • Performed at Madison Square Garden for The New York Knick's official halftime show
  • Featured on The Steve Harvey Show : Extraordinary Kids
  • Featured on Hallmark's Home and Family Show and performed with George Hamilton


Show Dates


Amazingly talented kids!
— Howie Mandel
These kids are an inspiration to all of America
— Howard Stern
Absolutely adorable!
— Mel B
So cute, sweet and grown up. I just love them
— Heidi Klum
These kids have talent!
— Nick Cannon
What an incredible trio- entertaining, inspiring and adorable! Truly a unique act.
— The Today Show
Great kids, talented entertainers! I can’ t wait to see them grow into the performers they are destined to be.
— George Hamilton
Extraordinary kids with extraordinary talent and a promising future for all three.
— Steve Harvey
Wow! These kids are amazing entertainers. I am blown away at the card throwing, never seen anything like it before
— Walt Frazier NY Knicks (ret)
These kids are great: talented, kind, inspiring and they are going to succeed at everything they do in life!
— Hallmark's Home and Family Show