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Alisha began writing poetry when she was in the sixth grade. What started out as something she did for her English class quickly grew into something she loved to do, and had a great passion for. When she got into college she learned about spoken word and decided that was something she wanted to try to do. Eventually she completed her first set of spoken word style poems, and took to the stage in her college talent show. Alisha won that semester and then again, the next semester. She then went on to compete in the Northeast APCA Star talent competition, and won. That got her a spot in the final round at APCA Nationals in Orlando, Florida. It was there in March, 2017 she became the 2017 National APCA Star. Writing and performing is something she loves to do. She wants to use her gift to start a conversation about social issues, and give a voice to the voiceless.

Alisha Marie

Spoken Word/Poetry

  • Graduated from SUNY Cobleskill May 2017

  • 2-time winner of SUNY Coblekill College Talent Show

  • 2016 Northeast APCA Star

  • 2017 National APCA Star

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“Alisha Marie is on a journey, both as a poet and as a person. I consider myself fortunate to have had a deeper glimpse of her journey as a person, and I can tell you that she is on a great path. Knowing her drive and determination, I am confident that her journey as a poet will be equally inspiring. I encourage you to give her the chance to tell her story on your campus like she has on mine.”
— Jeff Foote ~ Suny Cobleskill
“I felt I was “struck from lightning” when I first heard the lyrics from Alisha Marie. From the first few seconds, you are drawn into a talented young poet who writes so incredibly perfect that encompasses the passion to deliver powerful words that hits your heart from all angles. I don’t understand how poets memorize all of those words, but she impressed me with her honesty, her insight, and strikingly spoken word.”
— Mike Wacksman ~ SUNY Cobleskill